Rogue's Journal

A penny for your thoughts, two for your wallet

Update #1: On Locations and Stuff

I've gotten a couple big things put together, and a bunch of smaller things. I've mostly been working on styling and themes. Right now, I've been most heavily working on cleaning up my stylesheets both for the site at large and for the game UI, which also means building the actual UI and a lot of what comes with that. Earlier this week I mostly wrapped up my core location classes, meant to handle positions and maps in Redflare. I wound up writing them in TypeScript, mostly because it's just much more fun for me. I did waste a lot of time on tooling and getting the basic TS stuff up and running, but I think it was a worthwhile endeavor.

After the locations and LMap, I've started work on the actual map builder. My base idea is to have an asnychronous (currently Promise based) factory module that I can request build a new map, then send it commands like makeCaves and smooth and at the end, it provides me with a fully structured LMap of whatever design and pattern I want. I've implemented a few basic parts of it, but there's a lot more work to do.

In other, non-game related things, I've been working on a lift tracking web app for my Brother and his kids. I spent some time this week just hacking together a very basic MVC framework in TypeScript, and playing both with the relevant types in TS and with the schema in MySQL's workbench. That's a long, long way from anything remotely resembling completion or even bare functionality, but I've already learned a lot in the process. And already managed to hit that threshold where Angular makes things easier instead of harder. Aside from that, I've spent some time playing with SVG and brushing up on general UI and animation stuff. There's a lot that goes into everything!

Finally, I've been ripping out massive swathes of my SCSS and slowly condensing it into something much closer to the SMACSS system which has, so far, proven to be useful. It's definitely helping me down-scope my styling and reduce both my selector specificity and selector depth.

Plans for Week Ending

I'd like to hopefully finish the basic stuff with ts/aether and start integrating it properly into Redflare. Ideally, I want to actually have the windows connected up to bindings and commands within Ethereal and displaying live data. I would also like to get some of the ts/weightroom forms working with a localstorage solution.