Rogue's Journal

A penny for your thoughts, two for your wallet

Update #3: Wherein I get lost in the Flux and question everything

It's been a long, crazy week. I've gotten most of my projects shifted over into git and uploaded to private bitbuckets. As I get nearer whole, consumable pieces, I'll start opening those up and pushing them over to github.

This whole past week I didn't get much done, I kinda got yanked in by RxJS and messing around with the whole Flux architecture, the principles behind Redux, and in general learning how to play with observables and streams and sort of reinventing MVVM for my own learning.

Looking over the work I've done this past week, and accepting that I did nothing yesterday, on Sunday, I guess I've done quite a bit even if it was off my beaten path. I've definitely learned a lot about ReactiveX and its streams, as well as the core of redux and the overall flux architecture. I also started digging into Express and PostgreSQL, and got a very, very basic database and server development platform set up. I've been working on getting the Weightroom stuff set up in a more permanent fashion, and as part of that spent way more time than I should have fussing with inputs and outputs and reducers and observables. All the work I'm doing is pushing me back over to Angular, since I'm starting to really see where it shines as opposed to doing everything by hand. Part of me still wants to keep at this, though, just to say "I wrote all of this myself". Except, well, RxJS. And Phaser. ..and the other big libraries I'm using.

Anyway. I haven't really spent any time on my GOAP routines, or on pushing my Weightroom stuff into localStorage. I think with that, I've mostly been waiting because I don't really want to use IndexedDB, and I want to get my core structures and organization built out first so I don't have to spend a lot of time rearranging the databases. I haven't had much reason to mess with the localStorage part because I haven't really gotten that far yet.

I've been fighting through a sort of crisis of faith.. that all this work is worth it. It's hard to keep going, especially when you're as sporadic and unfocused as I am. I want to do this, but I certainly don't feel especially competent at it, and I'm not really sure where I'm going with it. I've talked a lot about this with my close friends, but learning all of this without anyone to lean on or talk to, it's very isolating. I very often find myself wodnering if it's worth the costs. I think it is, but it's definitely hard.

Plans for Week Ending

My primary goal for this week is to make progress on the Express+Weightroom stuff I've been working on. I'd like to get a basic MVVM set up moving along using RxJS streams and a janky implementation of Redux, just to say I can. On the whole, I'd like to push these pages over to an Express set up, somewhere it might be easier to actually write posts and whatnot. Or where it's just neater, I guess. I also want to make progress on Redflare's items. They should properly disappear when picked up, and appear when dropped. That seems like a low enough bar that it should be attainable.