Rogue's Journal

A penny for your thoughts, two for your wallet

Update #4: Server-side All The Things!

So. Haven't really touched the GOAP stuff.. like.. at all. But that's OK! Because I actually did get a lot of stuff down on the Express+Weightroom stuff. I keep getting stuck around edges that I know Anguluar helps with, but I've made a decision to try and get it functioning without using anything but my own two paws, the thing in my skull, and some minor libraries like, y'know, PG-Promise. Oh yeah, I said that last week too. At least I'm consistent!

On the other things I was hoping to accomplish this past week, I didn't really touch any of them. I did get set up on Hacker Rank and Free Code Camp, though, and made some progress on those sites. I've got the first project mostly finished and will be starting on the second one next week. I also got some basic proof-of-concept stuff put into satchel, mainly drag and dropping and some early D3.js stuff I want to play with.

Plans for Week Ending

I'd like to start getting the repos set up in weightroom, and have get a workout entry form working with AJAX, and committing them to memory if not into the database completely. I'm also hoping to get the portfolio project ready for submission, and at least get an answer submitted for the Paired HDDs challenge.