Rogue's Journal

A penny for your thoughts, two for your wallet

What's All this?


Welcome to my Journal. This will be updated as I feel the need, likely infrequently, with idle thoughts and missives on whatever topic happens to strike my fancy at the time. Generally targeted at games, writing, Fantasy, with perhaps a dash of Science Fiction and whatever web design and programming I can think of to share.


Satchel is my collection of basic Javascript/CSS/HTML files. It isn't completely basic, I use a strange assortment of CMD/Batch files, Pug/Jade for the HTML and SCSS for the more complete CSS portions. It's a simple workflow that works well for me in my present situation.


Redflare is my current, deepest project in the Satchel. It is a prototype using mechanics lifted from both Roguelikes and Idle/Management/Sim games. It's built with Phaser CE as the primary engine driving a 2D Canvas and a boatload of custom Javascript running everything else. I want to branch part of this off into dynamic, animated examples of various algorithms. Mostly because I greatly enjoy pretty moving pictures.


Angelic is the core of the top-level site here. It's built from Angular 2 and served largely as a way to get myself aquainted with both Typescript and Vagrant/PuPHPet. It's a work in progress, and the primary feature there currently is a half broken character generator for the Traveller tabletop RPG.

Other Things

These are my major, core projects. I'll no doubt include more as I work on them and polish them.